The flag of Shrexas.

"Shrek is land, Shrek is love, Shrek is life."
–National motto

Shrexas is a country that formed in the late 21st century when several southeastern US states, including Florida, got tired of taking in waves of refugees from the ice age-ravaged north. Under the leadership of Shrek, they seceded, closed their borders, and transformed most of their land into humid swampland.


  • All citizens of Shrexas are required to worship Shrek and pray to him daily. All who are caught failing to do so are quickly put to death.
  • The country is often at war with the forces of Hankborg, who considers its name an insult to Texas.
  • Its population is roughly 69 million.
  • Western Luigi tried to found a similar country in the southwestern US around the time of the Form Wars, but failed to find enough Shrek supporters there.
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