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Shroobs are purple mushroom aliens that invaded Plit long ago, when Mario and Luigi were babies. However, the Shroobs were still defeated by the two brothers.


A long time ago, in a galaxy really far away, existed this really creepy planet. This was the planet of the Shroobs.

The Shroob planet was withering, and the Shroobs needed a new home. Using their advanced technology, the Shroobs spotted Plit, or more specifically the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Shroobs then came to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, first by turning the Toads into fuel for their flying saucers, and then by Shroobifying the Mushroom Kingdom. However, little did anyone know that the Shroobs were bent on galactic domination. This would probably be a good thing, though, considering the Shroobs were deliberately destroying the Mushroom Kingdom.

Unfortunately, the Shroobs nearly went extinct thanks to the young Mario and Luigi and their time-traveling adult counterparts.


  • Bowser, or more specifically his young self, indirectly helped the Shroobs to a small extent.
  • The Shroobs tried to invade Plit again in 2022, but Wario repelled them. The Shroobs were never seen since, and presumably went extinct due to fart poisoning.
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