A major Shy Guy city.

Shyguyland (also known as Subcon) is a country on Plit that appears in Super Mario Bros. 2. As seen in BS Super Mario USA, its king and leader is Osama. It is inhabited by Birdo, Shy Guys, and fairies.



We are Fari!

The rulers of Shyguyland believed that dreams influenced the climate, so they used a machine to control the population's minds and ensure they only had good dreams. In the process, they were also able to prevent any opposition to the government. In 1980, Wart and his minions seized the machine and tried to take over the country, but the Mushroom Kingdom sent Mario to defeat Wart. However, many Shyguylanders had been freed from their mind control and began to oppose the government, and would either rebel or defect to other nations.

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