Bob Simpsons Character

Bob from Cheeseburgers.

"Consider Bob one of Ronald McDonald's most dangerous of minions."

                                            - Gwonam

Sideshow Bob is a Simpsons character who used to work for Krusty the Clown and tried to kill Bart Simpson, but later got tired of that and joined Ronald McDonald and decided to kill King Harkinian instead.


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The King Wants Cheeseburgers 4 Part 4

The King Wants Cheeseburgers 4 Part 4

Can King has cheezburger?

Once, the King really wanted cheeseburgers, but he did not have enough rupees, so Ronald forced the King to work for him to pay for his food. Link came to save the King and defeated Ronald, and Ronald swore vengeance against the King and the rest of the CD-i gang. Bob joined him on this quest, but when Ronald lost the fight, Bob gave up and flew back to Springfield. He was never seen in Hyrule again.

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