Simon Templar (AKA the Predator)
Simon Templar 2
Simon Templar is on heroin.
Vital statistics
Occupation Actor, detective, predator, Illuminati.
Name Simon Templar (AKA the Predator)
Age 52 years.
Appearances The Saint, Return of The Saint
Friends Blue Yoshi, Prince Adam, He-Man, The Sorceress, Best Hercules, Irate Gamer, Sir Topham Hatt, Arthur Hastings, Hercule Poirot, Jeeves and Bertie Wooster
Enemies Link, James Bond, Gaston, Claude Frollo, Kirby, King Harkinian
Hometown Saintly Mansion, United Kingdom.
Relatives Martha Templar (mother, deceased), Jean Hopkirk
Favorite Things Guns, heroine.
Embodied Personalities Roger Moore Simon Templar

Simon Templar was an British private detective who is a vicious predator. He was also addicted to My Little Pony porn.


Simon Templar was born in 1963 to Martha Templar and Robert Templar and grew up alongside his brothers and sisters. As a teenager, he became a private detective who investigated murder, death, crime, and ponies. In his adulthood, he time traveled to the 1960s and 1970s to fight good. At this point, his appearance changed. After the war ended in 2010, he decided to rape a woman of his type. That turned out to be Jean Hopkirk (who was already married to Marty Hopkirk), with whom he later had a son (who Simon Templar often beated). On July 5 2015, he was annoying Kirby and it got so bad that Kirby ate him. He died immediately.


Simon Templar 3

Simon Templar in the 70's, just before changing.

  • He was an avid Wumbologist and liked Wumbology before he went on heroin.
  • He was an actor.
  • He used to look like the 35 years old Roger Moore, but he now looks like the 35 years old Simon Templar because of Simon Templar revealing his true form.
  • He likes heroin.
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