Snake in The King's Epic Adventure.

"Are you kidding me?"
—Snake's reaction to this page.

Solid Snake is a video game character and King Harkinian's therapist/friend, who usually has to reassure the King when he feels down. He likes eating reptiles, as well as crouching in grass and injecting drugs into his arm.



He's holding a bagel in this 'pic for some reason.

Snake first met King Harkinian just after the King embarked on a quest to make everyone eat his poop. Snake decided to aid the King in this endeavor, and he and his assistant Otacon were part of the King's entourage during his year in Japan. At some point during this period, Snake and the King went to Paris for a vacation, only to get temporarily turned into zombies during a terrorist attack. He would later fight for the Pure Army during the Form Wars, and Link appointed him to fill most of Fari's positions after Fari murdered King Harkinian.



He really needs to work on his grammar.

  • He still thinks Yoshi is a she. That's probably why Yoshi got raped. Again.
  • He once fought I.M. Meen. He was really creeped out by him.
  • He confuses "peanuts" for "penis."
  • He once got slapped in the face by the Angry Video Game Nerd.


Snake, Solid


  • "I feel asleep!!"
  • "Uh-oh! The truck have started to move!"
  • "You don't have what it takes to kill me."
  • "Home in time for dinner."
  • "Helicopter."
  • "Kept you waiting, huh?"
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