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"Source appeal" (also "YouTube Poop appeal" or even "poopeal") is the popularity or how much someone wants to edit a source to make it into a YouTube Poop. Right now, King Harkinian and Mama Luigi are the most poopealing characters, but they're dropping below I.M. Meen and Heavy Weapons Guy. As memes become AIDS, the source's/character's poopeal drops and they become more annoying than funny.

Sources With High Poopeal

These sources have been widely-used for years and are full of well-known quotes and scenes. Many of these are better-known for their use in YTP than anything else.

Sources With Moderate Poopeal

These sources have been consistently popular, but aren't as popular or meme-filled as high-poopeal sources.

Sources With Low Poopeal

These sources may be rarely used in general, or were once popular but have mostly disappeared since.

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