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"We are off!"
–Squad Allah's slogan

Squad Allah is an infamous terrorist organization in Hyrule. They appear in Most Things Break.


Squad God

Squad Allah, we are off!

In 1946, Osama bin Gwonam decided that he hated King Harkinian. Anti-King figures would normally join HEVS, but bin Gwonam loathed them for not being religious enough, so he founded Squad Allah, recruiting twenty-two people to defeat Harkinian. Originating in Koridai, they spent decades bombing places like Hyrule Castle and Robotnik Land, but they were big fat failures.

Eventually, bin Gwonam was killed and someone else killed the King, but Squad Allah stayed active, probably because all they ever really wanted to do was blow stuff up. Gwonam then impersonated Osama bin Gwonam and recruited Squad Allah to assist Hylian forces in fighting the Form Wars. In 2019, they helped prevent trolls from destroying Koridai and Gamelai during the Poopocalypse, but every member of the group was killed in the disaster. Not even Gwonam survived.


For more, see Fort Allah

Fort Allah was a place in Koridai. It had a throne room and some other rooms.

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