Squadala Burger

Squadallah Burger in 2007.

Squadallah Burger is a drive-in burger joint owned by Gwonam that was established in 2005 and closed in 2009. It was in Hyrule City, Gomalan. There was also a short-lived second location in Rwanda.


In 1985, Gwonam's store, Carpets R' Yours, closed down due to bankruptcy proceedings after Morshu refused to fund new pricings for the company. Out of a job, Gwonam decided to live at Impa's house. Twenty years later, he had to move out and fund his carpet and a new house, so he founded a burger joint, which only sold burgers. In a moment of extreme overconfidence that he would soon regret, Gwonam decided to set the place up right next to a Duke Onkled's Diner.

After a whole month year passed with nobody buying any food at his restaurant, Gwonam decided to set up a second location in Rwanda, thinking its malnourished citizens would eat anything. He failed to get any business there either, however, and was soon forced to close the Rwandan Squadallah Burger down. After a second year without business, Gwonam hired Link, who needed money to buy a PS3, to help him. However, he still failed to serve anyone, losing people to Duke Onkled's Diner, and Link quit when Gwonam failed to pay him.

After Link left, Gwonam was only able to keep Squadallah Burger open because he happened to be making lotsa money by appearing in YouTube Poops at the time. He finally got really desperate and tried selling Krabby Patties, but Mr. Krabs found out and sued Gwonam. By 2009, Gwonam had lost over $9,000; this meant Gwonam had to close shop, and he has been mooching off of King Harkinian ever since.



Gwonam fails to get customers.

Although Squadallah Burger sells only burgers, as clearly stated on a sign next to the window, it sells a large variety of burgers.

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