Squidward's House is a living building that sits between the homes of SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star in Bikini Bottom. It is obviously where Squidward Tentacles lives, but something most people don't know is that the building itself is alive.


George Volcano created the being who would become Squidward's House in prehistoric times. The house lived with George in Dinosaur World until, one day, it repeatedly refused George's offer to try some Volvic Revive. George then banished the house to Earth, where it ended up in the Pacific Ocean.


  • It inspired the moai of Easter Island, as well as the style of architecture seen in Tentacle Acres.
  • Surprisingly, Patrick Star was the first Bikini Bottomite to discover its true nature. It is also one of the few beings who know what is inside Patrick's secret box.
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