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Squidwad is horny.

Squidward Tentacles (born 1933) is a selfish artist who never wears pants and lives in a sentient house. He hates SpongeBob, Patrick, cheese, and King Harkinian.



President of Hell.

He was born before World War II, and is old. He was a musical prodigy from birth, and composed the song Gentle Breeze at age six. However, at age 9, his musical abilities began to decline. This was later followed by his failing artistic and cinematic abilities. Doctors diagnosed him with pingasitis, and that he would only live another sixty years or so, which made him depressed. After he died, he was selected to be the president of Hell due to his lack of a soul.


  • "I'm making the commercial!"
  • "I'm taking my vacation!."
  • "The funeral's canceled-"
  • "President of Bikini Bottom?"


  • He sometimes tries to commit suicide by baking himself and hanging.
  • He loves this channel and hates you.
  • His music is terrible. Because of this, Ludwig von Koopa is his best friend.
  • He is also friends with Adolf Hitler, who sympathizes with him as a fellow failed artist and appointed him as Gauleiter of Oceania.
  • He ended up joining P.I.N.G.A.S.


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