Staniel Smith
American Fag - YouTube
Vital statistics
Occupation Irrelevant.
Name Staniel Smith
Age 48
Appearances American Dad!
Friends -
Enemies Liberals, terrorists
Hometown Langley Falls, Virginia
Relatives Francine Smith, Steve Smith, Hayley Smith
Favorite Things Conservatism, America
Embodied Personalities None.

Staniel Smith is a patriotic American man who lives in Langely Falls. He has fewer children than any of the other main dads in Seth MacFarlane's TV shows. He is very conservative; in fact, reactionary. His favorite president is Ronald Reagan. He also hates Internet memes, which inspired him to join the Pure Army during the Form Wars. He survived, but was then lost on Eluryh and eventually killed by Guiyii. Too bad.


  • He is an enemy of King Harkinian. He is also enemies with Stan Marsh and Stanley from The Office.
  • He once moved to Arabia.
  • He has a wife who looks similar to Princess Peach. This has caused conflict between him and some of Mario's forms, including Stupor Mario.
  • He dislikes homosexuals until he realized he was one. He came out of the closet, but then he realized he was actually bisexual, just like everyone else in the YouTube Poop community.
  • He likes ear rape.
  • Once, he got mind-raped by Guiyii. That didn't go well.
  • Stan has a tattoo of Ronald Reagan and King Harkinian surfing on his arm.
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