Starman3 is a random guy who is an enemy of Supermarioglitchy4 and crew. he is a gang leader. He lives in his mums house, but he spends 90% of his time in Princess Toadstool's castle like a bum. He lives in the mushroom kingdom in starcrescent. He, likes little kids, best buy, porn, underaged kids, warebears, harrassing people, scamming them, ruining people lives. he hates GlitchedIris64, EpicMario95/Shogun Waitington, Mariomario54321 (he fakes his friendship just for subs), waluigifan32 and thatoneguy. he makes alts for harrassment or to bait kids ones that we are aware of are Boob man, Tiffany parks, everyone sucks, shauna cruz, I hate team flare iris, lord star god of sex, starman3 ytr, big mac quialava all on google plus, instagram account is starman3_ytr and his twitters are staryoshijacob. jacobthebigmac and lordstargodofsex. he makes alts mainly to bait or use them to get people in trouble and ruin there lives. He leaks his house address if you ask for it and he stole an IPad and a nintendo switch from his job at best buy. He has dated many kids since 2013 and done sexual acts with them and he does multiple kids at once, lying that he only has one girlfriend and one boyfriend when in reality its like 5 at once. he backstabs them and makes cruel jokes to them all because he's 28 year old man with no life like the pedophile he is.

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