Sterling Archer

Yeah...this is him.

Bob Belcher Sterling Archer (1940s - ????) is a spy who works for the CIA (formerly for a spy agency called ISIS, no relation to the psychopathic, super-evil terrorist group, I'm not even going to joke about that) on a TV show of the same name.

Life Story

Sterling Archer was born in Tangiers, Morocco to Malory Archer and some guy who is still unknown. Due to a wide variety of traumatic experiences as a child, he ended up very psychologically messed up. He later joined a spy agency known as ISIS (with mixed results), but after that failed, he started dealing cocaine to South American countries, and states in the southern United States. Eventually, he just joined the CIA with the rest of his fellow agents.

Cloning Programs and Form Wars

He was said to have been involved in the New York Cloning Thingy of 1975 (enacted by Algernon Krieger), resulting in a bunch of Archer clones hanging around other universes. This included the YouTube Poop universe, despite the fact that there are little to no YouTube Poops of him. Some of these Archers mutated, including one becoming Bob Belcher and another into Stan Smith. When the three met in 2017, they were at first friends. But when Bob Belcher went to Bikini Bottom to meet with SpongeBob SquarePants, both were killed by Fat Luigi. Stan and Sterling then decided to fight in the Form Wars to avenge his friends, in spite of his friends and family searching for him. He was captured by Weegees, and, as of August 8, 2019, nobody knows where he is.


  • He is not an archer. He's not made of sterling, either.
  • Kirby once ate an archer, and inexplicably turned into him.
  • He is responsible for introducing Top Gun to Hyrule, Equestria, and Bikini Bottom.
  • Some say that Cyril Figgis is one of his clones. This has not been confirmed.
  • He once caught the Weegee virus, but his body fought it off, and he returned to normal.
  • He once thought he was the son of the head of the KGB. This has not been determined.
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