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Steve "Anita" Smith
Steve Smith
Vital statistics
Occupation Vice President of the King Harkinian Fanclub
Name Steve "Anita" Smith
Age 15 years.
Appearances American Dad
Friends King Harkinian, Barry, Toshi, Snot
Enemies Stan Smith (mostly)
Hometown Langley Falls, Virginia
Relatives Stan Smith, father
  • Francine Smith, mother
  • Hayley Smith, sister
  • Klaus, adopted petfish
Favorite Things Girl's boobs

Losing verginity

Embodied Personalities

Steve Smith is the vice-president of the King Harkinian Fan Club. He likes science-fiction and shoving guns up people's butts. He also calls his own butt the "bakin' machine". 


  • Science Fiction
  • Girls' boobs.
  • Impressing his father
  • Losing virginity


  • "Gentlemen, we're gonna see boob!"
  • "I'm gonna stick an M80 up her ***!"
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