Stone Luigi
Vital statistics
Occupation Inventor, sculptor, football player.
Name Stone Luigi
Age 25 years.
Appearances Super Mario World cartoon episode, The Yoshi Shuffle.
Friends Mama Luigi, Yoshi
Enemies Brooklyn Mario
Hometown Dome City, Dinosaur World
Relatives Brooklyn Mario, brother.
Favorite Things Making stuff out of stones, playing football, throwing stones at Mario.
Embodied Personalities Idiotic Luigi.

Stone Luigi is the second-rarest form of Mama Luigi after Idiotic Luigi. As his name suggests, he likes stones. If he finds one, he can chisel it into anything, even a football. He also likes making stuff out of wood, paper, and precious metals like gold and rubies. Give him a pickaxe and he will chisel away. It is rumored he can even chisel diamond, the strongest substance on Earth.


It's a Stone Luigi You Didn't Make It Original

It's a Stone Luigi You Didn't Make It Original




When Mama Luigi went to Dinosaur World, he began to feel creative thoughts and began to transform. He became Stone Luigi, a more intelligent clone of Mama Luigi. Soon, Mama Luigi and Stone Luigi became two separate Luigis who both featured in the Super Mario World reality series. Unfortunately, when Stone Luigi got into a heated argument with Brooklyn Mario over a stone football he made, Dic fired Stone Luigi, who went without work until 1993, when Ganon recruited him to carve the Faces of Evil into the mountains of Koridai. When King Harkinian heard about this, he began hiring Luigi to rebuild Hyrule Castle whenever it crumbled to the ground, which happens more often than you'd think. In later years, Stone Luigi lived out his days inventing stuff for the Mama Luigi Army. However, in the Form Wars, he was killed along with Mama Luigi. His son, Stone Luigi II, survived and sought revenge against Hylian leaders, especially Link.


  • "Hey, Mario, look what I made!"
  • "I chiseled it!"
  • "It's even official size!"
  • "Who's an egghead, eggface?!"
  • "Quantum physics is fun."
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