Stone Luigi II as a baby.

Stone Luigi II is the son of Stone Luigi and, by extension, can be considered a form of Luigi. He is about as intelligent and creative as his father, but is weaker and lacks facial hair.


Stone Luigi II was conceived by Princess Toadstool when she drugged and molested Stone Luigi during the filming of Super Mario World. Therefore, unlike almost all other forms, Stone Luigi II was born naturally and aged at a normal rate; as a result, the question of whether he qualifies as a true form at all has been the subject of much debate. After his father died in the final battle of the Form Wars in 2018, he was exiled to Truceland along with all surviving forms. For years, he dreamed of revenge on the pures, and in the 2030s he escaped from Truceland and went to Koridai to join the resistance against the former pure leader Evil Link. Stone Luigi II was a valued member of the Koridian resistance, and he even carved a tunnel system under the Faces of Evil, allowing the Koridians to hijack the weapons within.

"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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