Straight Outta Hyrule is the sequel to Dude, Where's My Unlawful Luigi?, produced and finished in the year 1997.


The plot to Straight Outta Hyrule is that instead of looking for Unlawful Luigi, Illegal Mario is going abroad with his brother to meet Dr. Malleo in Hyrule to get a fake prescription for weed. When the two arrive in Hyrule, they travel across the land, having an adventure conning people out of money and snorting cocaine. They finally go out to meet Dr. Malleo, but are busted by Mayor Kravindish. The two spend time in jail, but eventually get out after being bailed out by none other than Dr. Malleo, who gives them their weed prescription. The two drive home smoking magic drugs as He-Man narrates the ending.

Critical Reception

The film was praised by most Weegee forms. Alas, most average people/forms thought it stunk, so the Weegees massacred a lot of people over it.

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