Stuart R. Pickles is a character from the show Rugrats. His only known relatives are Drew Pickles, Didi, Angelica, Tommy & Dil Pickles. He really likes making Chocolate Pudding; it helps him think.


Like his brother, Stu Pickles was created out of a lab experiment in 1959. He created a cutlery program and devoted his life to chocolate pudding. Although he lost control of his life in the process, he also gained the notice of King Harkinian, who made him one of his dinnermen. On some occasions, the King also hires Stu to serve as a stand-in for Link when Link is away or the King doesn't want him around.



Stu Pickles.

  • He tends to cause lots of problems, ended up in his family's trouble.
  • For some reason, he has blue hair. This may be due to the experiment.
  • He has the scream of Ganon.

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