Stupid People

You're an idiot.

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The Stupid Organization of Unintelligent People (SOUP) is an organization that formed in the Second YouTube Poop Civil War.


SOUP was founded by Ludwig van Koopa in 1990 as a homophobia organization. Ludwig originally intended for the group to be comprised of all the fat Mushroom People, whom he planned to pit against the gay Mushroom People of the Homosexual Organization of Gay Friends. However, he soon realized that most of the fat Mushroomers were also gay, and decided that dividing the stupid Mushroomers and gay Mushroomers would be more effective. SOUP subsequently rebelled against Princess Toadstool in the Mushroom Civil War, gathering support around the poop world from figures such as King KoopaScratch, and William L. Mays. Eventually, they failed along with the Homosexual Organization of Gay Friends, and they decided a truce and the Mushroom Kingdom became a great somewhat decent place to live.

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