What Stupidstuff.html looks like.

Stupidstuff.html is an html file that declared war on King Harkinian, the King won the war by shooting Stupidstuff.html right in the kisser with his Dinner Blaster.

Early life

Stupidstuff.html is a file which was born inside of a computer. It grew up in different harddrives, during it's stay in some it was next to some fat people porn. This lead to his hate toward overweights, i.e people like king harkinian and Fat Mario.

Ganon's pub incident

During his stay in Ganon's pub he accidentaly harassed five young koopas this lead to Blue Stone Harkinian VII attacking him with his cereal. Stupidstuff.html survived that incident but it fueled his hate even more for fat people, specifically for King Harkinian. What Stupidstuff.html didn't know was that Blue Stone Harkinian VII has no relation to King Harkinian.


Stupidstuff.html was shot by King Harkinian by the king's Dinner Blaster

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