Sunky by the name of his first game

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Sunky is a blue hedgehog-like life form. While he seems to have a relation to Microsoft Paint, he is not poorly drawn.

He likes being nice to others. He also has three video games.

His niceness also nullified many of the events of the Form Wars temporarily. Oddly, he never actually participated in the Form Wars.


  • 2015: Sunky is born.
  • 2016: Sunky is killed by Blue Yoshi, because Blue Yoshi is evil.
  • 2019: Sunky is revived, and finds a massive leftover supply of Volvic Revive.
  • 2022: Sunky uses all of the Volvic Revive he found to revive all who died in the Form Wars, but his actions are quickly reverted by none other than the Time Travel Police.
  • 2027: Sunky obtains the recipe to Volvic Revive. However, he loses it in just a few days because he dropped it in Level Moist.
  • 999,999,999,999,999,999,999: Sunky accidentally causes the end of the universe.


  • Sunky is funky.
  • Sunky is better at swimming than he is walking.
  • Sunky's favorite food is Cereal with Milk.
  • He likes dancing.
  • His theme song is "Watch out for my body rolls".

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