YTPMV Super Jack Black Mario Yoshi Land World

YTPMV Super Jack Black Mario Yoshi Land World

Super Jack Black Mario Yoshi Land World (or SJBMYLW) is the greatest game that ever existed. Not even Super Smash Bros. Brawl can hold a candle to it.

Release Date

SJBMYLW was released around the year 1995 on the MahBoi. Before then, it took up to five years of development (actually very fast for an EPIC game).


SJBMYLW was extremely popular, selling over 9,000 copies a second. In fact, it nearly sold out within about 15 minutes. When it did, it cause serious outrage, many people yelling "This is madness" and then starting the Poop Riot of 1995. However, shipping came to the rescue. Eight quadrillion copies were sent around the world, and they wouldn't run out until the year 28,579,993. It has sold over 5 billion copies so far, and only 2 billion people on Earth don't have it.


You start out as SpongeBob looking for the Enclosed Instruction Book. Ganon and Jack Black have seized it, and it is your job to go and kill them.

"A" to jump.
"B" to spit.
"C" to poop.
"D" to crouch.
"E" to use sword.
"F" to suicide.
"G" to inflate.
"H" to MMMMM.
"I" to belch.
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