Super Mario Bros (NES) - Original Main Theme - 10 Hour

Super Mario Bros (NES) - Original Main Theme - 10 Hour

The only music that was catchy and got annoying. Except for every other catchy song in the universe.

The Super Mario Bros. Theme (or Kondo 3rd Symphony) is the main theme song of the video game Super Mario Bros. and is rivals with the Zelda theme. It was written by Koji Kondo in 1985.


The SMB theme is great, but if you play it backwards, it sounds like Jamaican music. Also, if you play it forwards again for every 6 seconds, it sounds like the theme song from the movie Kill Everyone in 8-bit. Also, if you play "Do the Mario" sideways in time, it'll say "Just rub everyone off the face of the earth." This caused a huge outrage against the Mario community, and Koji Kondo quickly fled and didn't stop moving until he got attacked by Weegee and Malleo


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