Not amused.

Supermarioglitchy4 is a form of Mario who chronicles many of Mario's less-heroic adventures in Internet videos. He lacks some of Mario's powers, but is smarter than Mario. He tends to be short-tempered and often ends up breaking electronic devices. He dresses in white overalls and a blue hat, but is otherwise identical to Mario in appearance. He is relatives with psychopath Starman3.


Sometime between the release of Super Mario 64 and the beginning of the Form Wars, Princess Toadstool secretly ordered Elvin Gadd to create a superior version of Mario so she would no longer have to put up with Mario. Gadd decided to try cloning Mario, but due to a malfunction, he ended up immediately creating thousands of clones instead of just a few. Afraid of punishment, Gadd then fled the Mushroom Kingdom. Most of the clones, who were all considerably weaker than Mario, dispersed throughout the land, but the clone designated as Supermarioglitchy4 was kept at Toadstool Castle, where he was tasked with trying to keep Mario under control.

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