Miles "Tails" Prower (born 3190) is a fox from the future who aids Sonic and travels through time with him to fight Dr. Robotnik. Due to a genetic mutation, he can fly using his two tails, but for some reason, he also uses an airplane. He died after Robotnik took over Mobius.


Link's Day Just Got a Lot Less Boring

Link's Day Just Got a Lot Less Boring

Tails was born a girl but got a sex change operation when he was five. This is the main reason why so many people assume he's a girl...because he used to be a girl. He later met Sonic the Hedgehog and helped Sonic fight Dr. Robotnik. At the age of six, a bucket of orange paint landed on him and turned him orange. He later ended up in Hyrule, where he collided with Link and became attached to Link's face until King Harkinian ordered Fari to scrub him off.


  • "Okay, I'm worried!"
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