Tay Zonday is the creator of the song “Chocolate Rain.” Most people think the song is about racism or something, but its true meaning is explained below.


Tay Zonday went to the same school as Michael Rosen; the teachers there forbid students from breathing, forcing Zonday to do so stealthily. Thus, he developed a habit of darting his head away from the nearest object when taking a breath. After finishing school, he decided to start a singing career; despite moving away from the mic to breathe in, however, he had little success and wound up living in a sewer beneath Hyrule Castle.

Then, one day, King Harkinian took a massive diarrhea dump in a toilet that connected to the sewer, and Zonday almost drowned in it. He subsequently wrote a song about this harrowing experience, which he metaphorically titled “Chocolate Rain.” The song was a hit, bringing fame and memetic status to Zonday, but he sought revenge on the King for pooping on him. To this end, he formed an alliance with a Weegee-infected Burger King in an attempt to destroy him.

"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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