Teh picture of teh.

"Teh" is a word meaning "the." It means a distinct object that is already known, just like "the." For example:

I ran into a large building that was very big. Nobody could find me in teh building.


Please note that "the" and "teh" are the most common words in the English language. Tehse are just famous uses. "Teh" is boldfaced to make it more distinct.

  • "I'll take teh Triforce of Courage to protect me."
  • "My ship sails in teh morning."
  • "That old Ganon is no match for teh king!"
  • "I'll take teh Triforce of Wisdom."
  • "Early to bed, early to get teh worm. Or, is it teh bagel?"
  • "How are we gonna find teh princess with teh power goin' out?"
  • "Ganon and his minions have seized teh island of Koridai."
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