They may not look dangerous, but they are. Trust me.

The Teletubbies are a species of insane ape-like creatures who came from the Velsoje Die universe to gather intelligence in preparation for the troll invasion and to brainwash children. In their spare time, they like to wreak havoc in places like the Mushroom Kingdom and Equestria. They have their own TV series and will often take people like Mario hostage so they can force them to watch it.


Teletubbies appear in four colors: red, blue, yellow, and green. They also have antennae on their heads, which they use to communicate with Mays Billy. Their entire bodies are covered in short fur except for their faces and stomachs. They have four races, which are distinguished by their fur color and antennae.


  • There is only one "original" Teletubby for each of the four races. The rest are clones of the originals.
  • King Harkinian thinks they're funny, so he made them royal guests at Hyrule Castle. Unknown to the King, they were really there to spy on Hylian affairs. This continued until the King accidentally burned the castle down while the Teletubbies were inside.
  • All Teletubbies worship the Sun Baby as a god, and they launched a holy war against Mario after Mario attacked it.
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