Fat Mario discovers the location in 2026.

Judaism has Jerusalem. Islam has Mecca. Hinduism has Uttar Pradesh. Atheism has Olduvai Gorge. Then what does YouTube Poop have? The Temple of Poop.


In the 7th century BC, Yaak Talac Puu built a tunnel underground. At the end of it, he placed a holy temple. He founded the religion of Poopism, stating that every 2600 to 9000 years that Mama Luigi would chose the next chosen one to save the world from the alien trolls and create the greatest poop of the millennium to save us. In the year 486, the Tunnel of Doom collapsed, preventing anyone from coming in until the year 1989. When Indiana Joe discovered it, he told Mario, who told Link, who told the king. Ever since, thousands of Wumbologists have been looking for it, but the "destined time" hasn't come yet. Of course, I don't believe Poopism, but it is a very fun story.



Some proposed locations. Only a few Wumbologists know the real location, and I'm sure as heck I'm not one of them.

The location of the Temple is unknown by many Wumbologists, but many say it is in the eastern half of Mexico or in Guatemala or Belize. Some even claim it is in the Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, or in Louisiana, United States.



  • Some have gone mad looking for it. Fabio Mario (1787-1840) once went so crazy he ended up destroying all his ships so he couldn't leave.
  • Mario will become the first non-Wumbologist to see it.
  • Only seven people know where it is and had been there: Bill NyeIndiana JoeAlfred E. Neuman, and others.
  • When the Spanish took it over, one man, Miguel Mario, tried to kill his colleagues for following him to the Tunnel of Doom.
  • In order to get in or out, you have to go through the Tunnel of Doom.
  • The ground there is 17% coprolites.
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