The Burger King
The Burger King 4
Have it your way.
Vital statistics
Occupation King, mascot.
Name The Burger King
Age About 1,000 years.
Appearances Burger King commercials, YouTube Poop
Friends Nostalgia Critic
Enemies Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders, King Harkinian, Robbie Rotten
Hometown Germany
Relatives Dineegee (father)
Favorite Things Dinner
Embodied Personalities None known.
The Burger King is the half-Weegee ruler of the Burger Kingdom. He is also the founder of Burger King and an enemy of King Harkinian and Ronald McDonald.


Wake Up With The King

Wake Up With The King

What BK usually does in the morning.

The Burger King was born during Medieval Times to an unknown mother and Dineegee, who taught him about food. He grew up in Germany and invented the hamburger before traveling to eastern Europe and founding the Burger Kingdom, which he ruled until its seizure by the Russians near the end of World War II. After that, BK found asylum in the United States and settled in Florida, where he started his own chain of restaurants in 1953.

In the late 2000s, BK gained a new customer in King Harkinian of Hyrule after Ronald McDonald antagonized Harkinian. The King declared Burger King to be the national restaurant of Hyrule, and BK was even given the rare privilege of wearing the traditional orange robes of the Harkinian family. BK subsequently became a permanent frequent guest at Hyrule Castle, which nearly led to disaster when Weegee infected him with his virus in an attempt to destroy Hyrule from afar. Luckily, Gay Luigi ended the threat by Falcon Punching the virus out of BK.


BK holds Zelda prisoner.

When King Harkinian started selling his own burgers in 2009, BK tried to make him stop by holding Zelda hostage, only to be defeated by Link and imprisoned. Months later, he escaped and set out in search of buried treasure on a remote island. However, his ship was wrecked in a naval battle with the King and his allies, and Ronald McDonald took advantage of the chaos by disguising himself as BK and taking the treasure himself.

BK survived and eventually returned to Earth, but because of his many criminal acts, he was fired from his own business in 2011. Early in the Form Wars, he joined the forms so he could fight the King, who was on the pure side, but he deserted after the King was killed in 2015. After World War III, he participated in Weegee's conquest of Earth, using the invasion as an opportunity to lay waste to Kentucky and Japan, the homelands of his greatest competitors. Weegee later repaid BK by giving him his business and country back.


The King's Acid trip

The King's Acid trip

  • He often appears in people's beds while they sleep. Spooky.
  • The King once won an imaginary fight with him while having an acid trip.
  • He is a friend of the Nostalgia Critic, who can summon him in times of distress by saying the word "elephant."
  • His head is always shiny because he washes his face and hair with lamp oil.
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