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This face was the last thing that those poor heads saw.

The Genie is one of the minions of Rolf and his most loyal servant. The Genie was the responsible of the death of Billy Mays Head along with other heads such as the Ganon Head and the Sonic Head. His greatest weakness is getting attacked by Mittens, whom he is allergic to.



The Genie's evil grin

It's still unknown how he met Rolf but he was supposed to serve Aladdin in his quest for kill Jafar until he got infected by the Wario Virus and now he likes to see the world burn. Fortunately, frequent vacations to Rio Grande and his mission to save the whales have so far prevented him making any real progress towards his goal. Unfortunately, when Rolf raped him again, his gayness returned and destroyed Rio Grande but not before raping everybody there one by one until he finally burned the entire population and danced on their ashes.

War with Mario Head

After The Genie killed Billy Mays Head, Mario Head declared war on Rolf, war in which The Genie finally met his demise.

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