The kings epic adventure

Isn't it beautiful?

The King's Epic Adventure 1

The King's Epic Adventure 1

The first episode in the animated series.

The King's Epic Adventure is an animated series directed by Geibuchan. The story is about King Harkinian going on a huge adventure to make everyone all around the world eat his poop.


One day, King Harkinian decided to make poop for dinner again, in which Link and Zelda refused to eat it, in which he then forced them to eat it. Impa then explains that the Triforce of Wisdom promised the king was just joking, but this made The King mad and decided to make everyone in the world eat his poop. He is then joined by Solid Snake, in which he was curious. They then travel to defeat Ganon, and is met by Otacon, who joins them to help and defeat Ganon. They then continue to make everyone all around the world eat his poop.

Abilities / Stuff


The King's party.

This is a list of what King Harkinian uses throughout his journey.

  • DIE Bolt (Summons a bolt of lightning whilst shouting die.)
  • Black Bull (A vehicle that the king uses to travel at ridiculous speeds.)
  • Language Translator (A headset that lets the king speak in Japanese as well as translating it to English.)
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