King John Harkinian owns a gold necklace, which he wears whenever he oahs and/or touches Zelda. The King never seems to wear the necklace under any other circumstances. In fact, the necklace will spontaneously materialize around the King’s neck whenever he does either or both of these things, indicating that it has supernatural powers. (Either that, or Animation Magic forgot to put it in the other cutscenes.)


While wearing the necklace, the King gains the ability to extend his left arm by as much as 39½ feet, allowing him to lean back as far as he wants without having to let go of Zelda. The strength of his right arm is also greatly enhanced, allowing him to more easily bludgeon people with his goblet. Unfortunately, it does nothing to prevent him from spilling the wine out of said goblet. Finally, the blue stone that hangs on the necklace contains a vial of Volvic Revive, which the King can use to heal himself if injured.


The King received the necklace as a gift from his cousin Larry in 1976, at his simultaneous coronation as King of Hyrule and marriage to Telda Schrob.

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