"Greatness takes millions of years to perfect!"
- Motto of the Land of Volcanicity


Stegosaurus John in his natural habitat in the Land of Volcanicity.

Somewhere in Dinosaur World is an island named the Land of Volcanicity. Its geography mostly consists of rivers and jungles. The people who live there are mostly a large number of either dinosaurs or cavemen.


The moment George Volcano came to life, he declared the land he resides on to be his. It took a while to get its own name, and at the time George was interested in the study of volcanoes as well as producing water. This later became its own religion called volcanism.


Below are a list of languages mostly spoken in the Land of Volcanicity. Surprisingly, this is one of the few areas where most people don't speak Japanese here, since a large number of inhabitants of Dinosaur World speak it.

Known places

  • The Church of Volcanism
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