The Nutcracker (1816 - 2025) is one of Composite Santa's minions (later Raymond D. Gai) and the most dangerous one at all.


The Nutcracker was first created in 1816 by a bunch of underpayed russian inventors who their boss deemed it shit and was throwned away to the snowy garbage, leaving him looking for a home, and he found one. When he entered though, he was immediently captured by the Mouse Queen's soldiers and taken to her castle, imprisoned for almost a century even after the "fake" one defeated the evil queen, until he was transported back to the same house by the Ice Fairy, but with a different family.

Living in the cell for 100 years caused him to become a bad guy and starts to grow in human size, starting to kill anyone who thinks the humans do to him, luckily he was arrested and taken to jail again for 20 years. In 1936, he was released and wanted to become an actor to star the role of the Nutcracker Prince himself, but was rejected many times by now and in the future due to being ugly, causing him to go insane each year until he was taken to a mental hospital in 1991 in hoping to cure him.

3 years later, Composite Santa, out of nowhere, breaks in and take him away, asking him to join in to rule Christmas, he accepts and starts training himself to perform over 100 different types of testicle attacks. Although he and the others where defeated by Goku and Gohan during the Christmas of 2006, he survived and immendiatly ran away, causing him to go on a hide for 18 years, then he was recruited by Raymond D. Gai as his plan to take over Ephedia by himself, which he accepts. He was slashed in half by Talia, making him the first member to die.


He is an ugly, bastardization of a Nutcracker doll with big black eyebrows and huge cartoony eyes. Before getting captured, he looks like a normal Nutcracker doll.


The Nutcracker is known for his testicle attacks with either a fist or kick. He can also perform over 100 different types of it, making him one of the most dangerous individuals period.


  • "Thank you Ice Fairy, now is my time to shine, those mice peopl made me fucking strong!" (After he was rescued by the Ice Fairy)
  • "TESTICLE ATTACK NUMBER 49!!!" (Before he punched Gohan in his Dragon Balls)


  • He dosen't have a name, he is usually called The Nutcracker, causing a confusion to alot of people, including Impa and Brooklyn Mario).
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