The Official Diamond Exterminators, or TODE for short is an evil group led by Reymond D. Gai. His plan is to become the new King of Ephedia and rule under his fist.


In 2015, two random guys named Swagmaster and Chris managed to defeat him riding on the legendary Flying Spaghetti Monster after stealing the secret fomula for the Tubby Custard. Gai crash landed to a unknown island, where he notices a untranslatable text that it came out of a medieval times, but he couldn't figure it out, so he decided to sneak to an abandoned factory, hoping that he can translate the text, but this will take 9 years to do it.

Fast forward to 2024, he finally translated it after a barrage of mess he went through. The text said: "Come to Ephedia, a paradise planet where we live in peace ruled by the King and Queen". This gives him an idea. Not only it would take a year to build a giant rocket, but he also hired new members to form the group (including his spy Agent Biker).

One year later, the group landed on Ephedia and announced that they will take over the planet. This caused a now adult Iris to step in and recruited not just her old friends, but also others from other planets as well to stop them, but at a greater cost, her mother gets impaled by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. This caused her to become enraged and blasted the entire group with a combined Crystal Quinta, killing most of them, forcing the group to retreat for good. Is unknown what happened to them after the civil war, but since years has passed, it is most likely that it quietly got disbanded shortly after returning to Earth.



  • The group original name was Marmon Etomology Round Diamond Exterminators, but Gai changed it because it sounds inappropriate (Is a acronym of Merde, which is french for Shit)
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