The Return to Gamelon is an unreleased Zelda game that would have redeemed the reputation of the Philips CD-i.


The fourth Zelda CD i Game The Return to Gamelon

The fourth Zelda CD i Game The Return to Gamelon

The Return to Gamelon was to be the fourth Zelda game for the CD-i after Zelda's Adventure and was initially scheduled for a late 1995 release. Halfway through production, Shigeru Miyamoto went on a violent rampage against Philips and only stopped when they agreed to stop making games with Nintendo characters. Thus, The Return to Gamelon was canceled, and the world is now almost certainly a worse place for it.


The Final Cutscene

The Final Cutscene

The game would have featured cutscenes animated in a style similar to those in Link: Faces of Evil and Zelda: Wand of Gamelon. Not much is known about the story, since only the final cutscene was finished before the game was canceled. In this cutscene, King Harkinian, who seems to be a villain, holds Zelda hostage and shoots her dead, then shoots Link, but Link manages to detonate a bomb, killing both himself and the King.



The game was never made available to the public, but we know from test footage that it would have included the following.

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