This war was started by Yoko Littner as she led her army of Yoshi cupcrakes into glory in the year 3056,

The war ended in 3059, The major winner of The war was Yoko Littner and her army,

As for the proof that she rule the world along side her Reptilian Famliy the fellowing year Many lives were lost during this battle,

The Five Armies

  • The YC army (Yoko Littner`s army)
  • The Shrek army (The Brogre master race)
  • Hyrule army (the King`s army)
  • Broney army
  • Mushroom Kingdom Army

The winners and losers

The bronys lost very very early to the Glory of the Brogres,

The brogre master race raged on but in the end they lost, to the Fearless YC army and The fearless Yoko too,

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