An ancient statue of Thyrukus.

Thyrukus is an ancient Hylian ruler who is usually considered the first king of the land, having reigned from 3000 to 2956 BC. He conquered all of what is now Gomalan, uniting that region under one government for the first time, and built the city of Equata as a new capital. He has no biological relation to the Harkinian family.


Thyrukus was originally buried along with a huge amount of his riches in a temple in Equata. Around the second century AD, shortly before the fall of the Thyrukian dynasty to the Sambin dynasty of Gellech, his mummified body and the contents of his tomb were removed and taken somewhere in the Koridonian desert. Although people have been searching for the new burial location of Thyrukus ever since, nobody has found it yet. Some wumbologists have even speculated that the body was later moved again to some location across the West Ocean.

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