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Tiff (or Fumu in Japan) (March 10, 1999 - October 3, 2053) is an alien who came from Dream Land. She is Tuff's older sister and lives in King Dedede's Castle with her family. She is known for being a typical damsel in distress and a obnoxious little bitch.

Bouncy Tiff

Bouncy Tiff is Tiff's evolved form. She got this form after hitting puberty at the age of 18. This form can attract any lebsians she wants with her large juicy breasts, which inspired her to create a Night Club called Tiff n Tuff's Bitch Club shortly after arriving on Earth in 2018, then it became a massive success and it still running to this day by her descendants. She is known to stay beautiful due to not growing older because of this. It also started a large gallery of porn on her. She continues to use this form until her death.


During her successful life in October 3rd 2053, she was scheduled to being present in a Lesbian Castle along with her collegue Kim Possible for a new project. However, she and Kim where attacked by a hooded man who looks like Luigi. Luckily Kim survived but Tiff suffered from injuries and was taken in a hospital, but died shortly after. She was 54 years old at the time of her death and survived with her unnamed wife and daughter named Tiff Jr., who is the current owner of her mother's night club.


  • She dosen't know the existance of the Poopocalypse, in which she survived.
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