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Emo Timmy with Emo Yoshi and EMO FAIRY GODPARENTS

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Timothy P Turner (1992-) is a child who owns fairy slaves and a Yoshi he considers "awesome". He will stay "ten" until 2052. He also can buy birds at the price of -$20. He may or may not be related to the Diisigner song "Tim-Tim-Tim-Timmy Turner, he be wishin' for a burner".


Timmy Turner was born to Timmy's Dad and Timmy's Mom in the early 1990s. In 2001, he gained fairies that could grant his wishes named Cosmo and Wanda. He says "Yoshi is Awesome!" a lot and is currently in a relationship with Trixie Tang. His modern seasons are eeeeevvilll. He hates his teacher Mr. Crocker ,because he doesn't think Yoshi is awesome. He died in 2110 because his father brutally abused him and he committed suicide the next day.



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