Toon Link

Toon Link sitting.

Toon Link is the younger brother of Link. He is a serious troublemaker, so much that Link almost committed suicide when he found out his mother was leaving Toon Link with him.


Link's Retarded Day

Link's Retarded Day

For some reason, Billy Mays likes to harass him.

Link's mother gave birth to Toon Link in 2003. Details of his early years are difficult to come by, and the identity of his father is unknown (i.e. I haven't decided who it is yet). In any case, he wound up living in a shack in coastal Koridon with some woman who happened to be his grandmother. She tried to toughen Toon Link up by placing Morshu Clocks in his bedroom, causing him to get blown up every morning, while Toon Link would often attack her by throwing bottles of prune juice at her. The other Link only interacted with Toon Link on a few occasions, but these were enough to make them hate each other.

After the Form Wars broke out, the other Link tried to get Toon Link killed by accusing him of being a form of him. Toon Link responded by accusing Link of being a form, and many people actually believed this because Nintendo considered his games canon while refusing to acknowledge the existence of CD-i Link's games. Toon Link survived the war, and the rumor he started was a major contributor to Link's loss of sanity and his transformation into Evil Link. Well done, Toon Link. Don't worry though, he was eventually killed by trolls during the Poopocalypse, putting his troublemaking days to an end for good.


  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Probably other games


He has done a lot to cause Link to get in trouble such as:

  • Driving the King's car (causing Link to steal a motorcycle, kill the traffic man, and crash into a woman's bathroom)
  • Get on a carousel (causing him to be spun around and around crashing into the women's bathroom)
  • Getting on a roller-coaster without permission (causing Charlie Barkin to vomit on him and Link to get into a body cast)
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