Some Touhou Characters

Touhou Project is a shooting game created by ZUN and Team Shanghai Alice in Japan. The two main Characters is Reimu Hakurei & Marisa Kirisame.

Touhou Project can be used in Memes and YouTube Poops.

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The Touhou Project Characters are all female and has different species (even though they look like humans) like: fairies, Gods, Cats, Kappas, hermits, vampires, ghosts, etc.

YTP Touhou Project A Summer Day's Poop

YTP Touhou Project A Summer Day's Poop

Well, It all started when Mario and I came to Gensokyo for Vacation.



  • Reimu Hakurei
  • Marisa Kirisame (The Human Wizard that likes to steal things, she calls it "Borrowing")
  • Cirno (The Fairy that is not good at everything and everyone calls her an Idiot.)
  • Tewi (The Rabbit that sometimes speaks "Engrish" in a funny way like, "My Uncle's Taller than you!", "Reisin goes to school by bus!", "Marisa? Ho Ho Ho Ho... Houki!")
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