YTP Link Saves the Future

YTP Link Saves the Future

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This is the transcript for "Link Saves the Future." 


  • King Harkinian: Mah boi, this piece is what all true warriors strive for!
  • He pulls a Koran into view.
  • Link: I just want Morshu to sing!
  • Morshu the shopkeep sings gibberish.
  • The camera zooms on the king.
  • Morshu continues to sing.
  • Morshu: Come back when you're a little...MMM...richer!
  • The camera zooms on Link.
  • Morshu sings gibberish again.
  • Gwonam the flying carpet guy flies in and hits Morshu.
  • Gwonam: Your majesty, Link has seized the future!
  • Zelda (talking to Link): Why'd you do that?
  • Gwonam: Well, duh. Future Link is evil.
  • King Harkinian: can we help?
  • Gwonam: Come to the future . You must conquer Evil Link.
  • Link: Golly.
  • Gwonam flies with Morshu, the king, and Link in his carpet.
  • Gwonam: We are off to the future!
  • The carpet disappears along with everyone on it. It rearrives in the future. A big caption reads 2040 AD.
  • Hyrule of 2040 is much different. Flying cars and tall buildings dominate the cityscape. The Statue of Liberty appears, but it has Link's face pasted onto it.
  • Link: Wow. My head!
  • Gwonam: Link, future you is evil. You must defeat him.
  • Link (excited): Oh, great!
  • 2 seconds later..
  • Gwonam: Future Link imprisoned Link!
  • We see future Link. He wears black clothes and has pink hair. He is holding a gun.
  • Future Link (Ganon's voice): You will die!
  • He shoots Gwonam.
  • Gwonam: Allah...!
  • We see Link move in slow motion.
  • King Harkinian: can we help him?
  • Morshu: This time we'll do it together.
  • Evil Link shoots Harkinian and Morshu.
  • Link: I guess I better get going.
  • He holds a knife. He cuts himself on the side, revealing some bones and organs.
  • Evil Link: NO!
  • Zoom in on Link's cut.
  • Evil Link: Shit! It burns!
  • Evil Link fades way. The Statue of Liberty returns to normal.
  • Morshu, Gwonam, and King Harkinian stand up.
  • Morshu: MMM, Bulletproof vests.
  • King Harkinian: Hey, what happened to Zelda?
  • As they fly away, King Harkinian makes a bunch of loud exclaimations.
  • King Harkinian: Oah oah oah oah, hah hah hah hah!
  • Thirty years earlier.
  • Zelda: A whole month gone, and still no father.
  • Impa: I'm certain (???).
  • King Harkinian: Zelda!
  • Zelda: Father!
  • King Harkinian: Link saved me!
  • Zelda: What happened to Link?
  • Link: What...?
  • King Harkinian: Oah! Mah boi, you die in the future!
  • Gwonam: The future isn't written only you can decide it.
  • Link: I just wonder what happened!
  • King Harkinian: I (???). I wonder what's for dinner?
  • Zelda: feces!
  • Link: Great!
  • Morshu: You want it?
  • Link: Yeah!
  • The king and Zelda laugh cheerfully.
  • The end. Credits are listed.
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