Tray Tor
Tray Tor
Vital statistics
Occupation True Warrior
Name Tray Tor
Age 6 years (at death)
Appearances Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Friends King Harkinian
Enemies Fari, Mama Luigi
Hometown Unknown
Relatives None
Favorite Things Fighting Forms, being loyal to the King.
Embodied Personalities None

Tray Tor or TR-8R (2012 - 2018) was a Stormtrooper who is loyal to King Harkinian who fought for the Pures during the Form Wars.


Tray Tor was created by a Evil organization but they weren't able to afford him so they sold him to King Harkinian. Tray Tor became fiercely loyal to King Harkinian.

When the Form Wars broke out in 2015, Tray Tor fought for the Pures with pride. When learning about Fari betraying and killing the King, he went after Fari and screamed "Traitor!" and then pulling out his deathstick. He fought against Fari but lost.

Afterwords, he got the feels but was cured when he found out that Fari was killed by The King's Ghost. He continued to fight for the Pures during the war until being killed by Mama Luigi during the Great Eluryhian Offensive.

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