Triforce of AIDS

Your triforce has just crashed.

The Triforce of AIDS is the most powerful triforce of all, and even has the power to create and destroy species. Nobody knows much about it.

Creation and History

Triforce Creation

Young I.M. Meen smelting the triforce.

The Triforce of AIDS was created in 1954 by a large group of smelters including I.M. Meen and Impa. She decided to use it to educate people, but she confused it for the Triforce of Wisdom, and she ended up giving 284,116 Hylians AIDS. She tried to give it to the right hands: Bowser. He protected it until he ended up giving a bunch of birds AIDS. Before destroying it, he discovered its good powers, so he sent it to San Francisco where it would be safe. It stayed there until Ludwig von Koopa used it to fight the forces of Viacom in 2040.


  • Giving people AIDS, duh
  • Telling people when and if they will get AIDS
  • Making people stronger
  • As a laser
  • Negating homosexuality
  • As a computer (but it's slow)
  • For making low-quality YouTube Poops
  • For burning things
  • As a time machine
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