Trollface's initial sketch.

The Comic which Trollface debuted in.

Carlos "Trollface" Trollge is the god of all trolls (Mays Billy is the king). His face is used to represent all internet trolls, hence the name "trollface". Eventually, he became a scientist and opened the first man-made portal to Hell. When he returned, he became The Trollge.


Early Life

Trollface was born to unknown Koridaian parents and left to die on the shores of Koridai. Gwonam found the child, and took pity on him, and flew him to an orphanage. Trollface had a little fun playing with the other orphans, but most of his fun came at their expense. What he liked to do was attempt to get a rise out of the other kids, and when they got mad, he often said things such as "u mad bro?", or "relax dude, no need to be so angry". He called this "Trolling", after his last name. He thought he was a genius. Although, he had some wits on him, he really failed in most of science and physics.

School Life

Eventually, Trollface (that became his nickname due to the face he makes when he laughs), somehow made it to high-school. He got tired of trolling people. Their reaction was always the same: shock, confusion, humiliation. He wanted to go bigger, better. He wanted to troll cities, cooporations, technology. He wanted, especially, to troll the very concept of physics. When he got home on his first day, he accidentally spilled some oil in his cup of water. He learned a lesson that would change his entire life: oil floats in water. He became fascinated with this discovery. Finally, he could troll physics! Living on an island, it rained very often. He sketched out a diagram of his million rupee idea: he would wait for it to rain, cover himself in oil, and fly away.

He got a bunch of his classmates and fellow orphans to watch him discover this scientific breakthrough. Soaking wet from the rain, Trollface took out his vile of oil and showed it to his peers. He covered himself in the oil and closed his eyes. The laughs and bellows of his peers filled his head. Confused, he looked down. Nothing had happened. He wasn't flying? Why? He was supposed to fly? Humiliated, Trollface ran away to the orphanage, crying all the way. He would go on to only conduct experiments in private.

Adult Life

Trollface majored in science and got 3 PhDs, one of which was in Wumbology. He wanted to know, once and for all, how he could fly. He consulted Morshu, knowing the shopkeeper possessed the only type of oil which he hadn't tried, lamp oil. Morshu gave him a discount on the lamp oil, because he believed Trollface's cause was righteous.

Trollface tried (in private this time, so as to not embarrass himself), and, to his shock, it worked! The scientist was ecstatic! He went again to show his colleagues, but history repeated himself. He didn't fly in front of the people. The reason it didn't work the second time, is because I.M. Meen rigged the bottle of lamp oil to only work when nobody was around. Frustrated and angry, Trollface drove home. He punched his wall, and blood pooled out of his knuckles. He went mad. "Blood.... Floats on blood...!". He cackled. He pondered how he could use this, and then realized: if it rained blood, and he covered himself in blood, there is no way he couldn't fly.

Portal to Hell

Trollface relentlessly labored night and day, no sleep for months, until he got a working portal to the pit. If he had any semblance of his former self, or his sanity, it was now gone. Trollface is gone; Carlos was gone. He now called himself "The Trollge". His vile in hand, he stared at the portal in admiration. He'd done it. He trolled the very fabric of reality. Now, it was time to own physics, too. He stepped inside, and was immediately and violently dragged in by the evil forces of hell. When he emerged, he was a shell of the person he was when he came.

The Trollge

Main article: The Trollge

The Trollge is a form of Trollface after he emerged from the pit. He looks a lot like Trollface, but horribly disfigured and unnaturally tall. He went as a Koridaian in a lab coat, and he emerged as a demon of chaos, and a lord of mischief. He was tired of trolling people. Now, he could troll anything he wants, in any way he wants. He ruthlessly murdered people and hung them by their intestines, drank their blood, and showed their hung corpses to their family members. He blew up houses. He tore down doors with his own hands. Most terrifyingly, he went to Gannonnan and induced a blood moon, which, when looked at, causes the onlooker to go insane and go on a killing spree, ending with themselves. He could troll the whole world, if he wanted. He harvested the bloody organs of everything he killed, and squeezed every last drop into a bucket. He made it rain blood, and covered himself in the blood of his enemies. He really did fly, all this time waiting, and it finally worked.


The Trollge's reign of terror ended when Ryuko Matoi got sick of his shit. She took a shotgun and shot The Trollge to death. His hubris, believing he could not be killed, is what caused his demise.


The Trollge was revived when he took notice of a planet discovered by his ancestor. As the new King of Hell, he sent his demonic forces to attack the Troll Planet, resulting in the Doom War. He was eventually killed again by Bananakin Harkinian.


  • "Oil floats in water!"
  • "Blood floats on blood."
  • "Trolololol!"
  • "You've been trolled!"
  • "We do a little trolling."
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