Space view.

Not to be confused with Graceland.

Truceland is a small planet in the outer reaches of Eluryh's solar system. It is ruled by a form king, and it is inhabited by over 9,000 forms. Fusion machines and cloning machines have been put there so forms can be fused together to make more forms (like Brooklyn Fat Meegee). There are also cures for the Weegee virus in case anyone unintentionally gets Weegified.


All character forms were sent to Truceland after they lost the Form Wars in 2018, and the terms of the treaty that had ended the war made it illegal for forms to leave the planet. The planet possessed few natural resources, and most of the supplies the forms had brought with them were destroyed in the Poopocalypse. However, the world's economy began to grow when Illegal Mario inexplicably managed to build a huge number of casinos there, making the planet a destination for gamblers. As a result, some forms chose to stay on Truceland even after the restrictions on form travel were lifted. In the year 284,116 AD, however, Truceland was destroyed when it crashed into Eluryh, and all forms who still lived there died.


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