Turbo CD-i Cartoon
Giant Evil Mario
Season 2, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date February 24, 2008
Written by CraazyCat13
Directed by CraazyCat13
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Munf Munf Commercial Unknown

"Turbo CD-i Cartoon" is the second and last of the Crazy Cat Cartoons. It follows no basic storyline, so it will simplified as much as possible. this serves as its last episode of Crazy Cat Cartoons and ended it


Crazy Cat Harkinian talks about ships before being hit by a yellow submarine, and he fights an unknown character. Then, he lands on an island when Crazy Cat Morshu turns into a ball that chases the king into a toilet. Crazy Cat Luigi eats too much spaghetti, causing him to vomit into his toilet and fill the plumbing with barf, which make the CC King land in Hyrule, where Crazy Cat Mario is wreacking havoc out of hunger. CC King uses a Gwonam Time Bomb to kill him, and all is well again.

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